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To take a glimpse into a grand civilization, is to observe centuries of progress, for the common goal of survival and prosperity. From the start of a tribe, to a bustling metropolis. As civilizations do, they progress, and in the grand scale of centuries and millenia, they expand. Expand they do. At first, from continent to continent. From continent to planet. Planets, to Solar System. Long gone are the days of inner conflict, for those that expand beyond the solar system have mastered the mechanisms of their own nation. To the depths of space, they delve. Whether it be for survival, or conquest.

There comes a time however, when one nation fights not with itself, but with another. When conquerer meets conquerer, many a tactic be played to negotiate, to find peace and mutual understanding. But the possibility of calamity is far too great, and options exhaust on such a grand scale as bloodshed and strife brings death and vigor. As one nation wishes to impede on another, philosophy and beliefs clash, and goals come head to head.

The Hypernova Galaxy is no stranger to such turmoil. From ancient beginnings, war stretches across the darkness of space. From the liberty driven, space faring Cronos Federation, to the wicked Akeron Occult of demonic worship. The alien Chythar Hivemind, to the divine Ogministrum Order, so holy and rightous in their cause. There exist many who would wish to see the other eliminated, but when progress continues, the stakes only grow more dire. Hypernova is a galaxy that has forgotten the concept of peace. Tension, war, and death are the players of this game, and while periods of peace are known, they are few and far between, only to be interrupted once more by those that inhabit such a cosmic stretch of existance.

May all heed the powers that be. Even the highest of technological progress meet their match against the powerful forces of magic that confront, oppose, and clash together to form the most awe inspiring displays of carnage! Those who harbor a mind of apathy, will be washed away in the tidal wave of battle. Thy who taketh the sword, hone the spell, and prime the weapons will truly know the rites and methods of what can only be known as life and progress within the world of Novastrive!

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